Here are some of the services Supatone Innovation provides. Click on the service you are interested in to see more information.

Web Development Services

Basic Services: Advanced Services:
  • Basic Graphical Design
    • If you have an idea of how you want your website to look but are not sure exactly what it should be we can provide samples based on details you provide.
  • Site Build
    • Once the site layout is agreed upon the website can be built using html, php or asp depending on your needs.
  • Widget Installation
    • This includes installing popular widgets such as Facebook and Twitter feeds or hidden widgets such as Google Analytics or other trackers.
      See example
  • Flash / HTML5 Animation
    • Basic Flash or HTML5 video animation including links and image fading or movement which can play once or continuously repeat.
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  • Lightbox Image Gallery
    • This is a javascript-based gallery that pops up with supporting image information and allows the user to toggle previous/next slides. Also includes user-friendly admin to add/change/remove images as needed.
  • Rotating Image Slideshow
    • This is a javascript-based banner which can rotate through unlimited images the user uploads. It can also go in random order if requested.
      See example
  • Quicklinks
    • These are links which go to a page displaying pre-defined subsets of data. They can be customized depending on what fields are populated and what the user wants to see.
  • Captcha Web Form
    • This is a basic form for users to fill out which also has Captcha security to eliminate spam.
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  • Dynamic Web Form
    • A more advanced web form which can have mandatory fields, multi-part forms or pull data from the database as the user enters information.
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  • Search Engine Optimization
    • We can add metatags to your pages and provide information on how to get higher ratings on search engines such as Google.
  • Advanced Actionscript / HTML5
    • This is a more advanced Flash or HTML5 animation which includes parameters from user entry or integration with a database.
  • Secure Admin Panel
    • A backend with admin login to be able to make changes to the site without needing to know any database or html code.
  • Content Management System
    • This is a simple way to allow the user to manipulate page content using WYSIWYG technology so they don't need to know HTML code.
  • Database Listings
    • Any records of data which can be categorized and added or modified in the admin panel. Popular examples include but are not limited to: news, events, businesses, hotels, yachts, products, contacts, links and music.
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  • Database Listings Imports
    • Once listings are defined if you want the ability to update the entire catalog via uploading a csv file we can do that.
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  • Dynamic Navigation Menu Dropdowns
    • These are menus on the website which can be changed via the admin panel. More advanced menus can allow sub-sections of dropdown items.
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  • Search Functionality
    • Provides the ability for data to be searched according to title, date or other fields that are populated.
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  • Customer Login Functionality
    • This allows members to register on the website, login to their account, update their profile and retrieve password via email if it they forget.
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  • PayPal Shopping Cart Technology
    • This allows customers to add products to their "cart" which can be altered prior to purchasing the items. Once they are ready to check out, the site will integrate with PayPal to allow the customer to pay instantly.
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Software Solutions

  • Mobile Applications
    • Any application or website customized for use by mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry
  • Software Development
    • If you require custom software for personal or business use, Supatone Innovation can research to find or design and implement the software at an affordable rate.
  • IT Consulting
    • Our staff offer consultation services on a range of processes and products such as internal and external data security, SQL and MySQL database expertise, optimization and training.
  • E-Commerce Solutions
    • E-Commerce allows your products to be sold using a standard online company such as PayPal or to integrate with a third party merchant to accept major credit cards for purchase.
  • Project Management
    • As a registered associate in Project Management we are experienced in working on small to large projects and can work either on-site or remotely.

Contact us for any of these services and include details of what you require so we can assist further.